Get yourself ready for Divorce

Getting a divorce is never easy, yet one must do it. Divorce, as with any other undertaking, has to be prepared for.

It is a given that the entire divorce process causes so much anxiety and emotional stress. Lawyers who are accustomed to seeing people in these situations all agree that being well-prepared is a tremendous help.

Open mind, frankness, honesty

Lawyers agree that the more willing you are to compromise, the more it helps them obtain a fair resolution. The more prepared you are (honest, accurate, frank) the more your lawyer can solve the problems.

Acting efficiently will also help reduce your legal expenses, reduce the time spent with your lawyer and lower stress on yourself. From the legal professionals themselves, below are a few tips you can use in preparing for your divorce.


Do a list of your detailed questions to your lawyer. Lawyers bill in units of four, six, ten, or fifteen minutes. Usually, a minimum period of time is charged even though your time with your lawyer is less.

Asking several questions in a single call allows your lawyer to operate better and saves you legal fees (in numerous calls).


Even in your very first meeting, it pays to provide your lawyer with a checklist of needed information.

Top of the list are the basic data which includes your names, home and work addresses (and numbers), places and dates of births of kids (if any), Social Security numbers, health information and also other applicable info.

Next would be the relevant facts about your marriage, place and date, info on previous marriages (if any) and details of them, such as pre-nuptial agreements, etc.

If you have kids inform your lawyer your precise position on issues such as custody and access. Include, too, every discussions with your spouse on these issues (if there were).

Be frank in telling your lawyer if there are any criminal records of either you or your spouse, any spousal abuse, and whether it was reported or not.

Inform your legal representative details of your debts and assets, providing copies of papers on tax statements, mortgages, and others. Tell your lawyer, too, if you have pending lawsuits, bankruptcy proceedings, etc.


Get an explanation how legal expenses are determined, your lawyer's billing and collection policies (or the ones from his firm), the rates, retainer figures, along with other extraneous expenses.

Be frank to ask ballpark figures of estimated costs.

Good client

It'll work in your favor if you're able to do all of the above. It's not easy to complete every one of them, given the demanding circumstances.

Nonetheless, doing your very best in preparing yourself and your lawyer for your divorce proceedings is already winning half the battle.

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